Weave-Along 27:
Texture & Sett

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This weave-along will teach you how to warp, weave and finish a textural wall-hanging using simple tapestry techniques and two different types of yarn.

Understanding how to space your warp threads (called sett) is a fundamental weaving skill. It allows you to successfully weave weft-faced pieces without the warp showing and to manipulate texture in your weaving. In this piece, you will weave at two different setts, allowing your warp threads to be covered even while weaving with yarn of different thicknesses.

This weave-along is perfect for beginner weavers looking to understand some of the basic concepts of tapestry weaving, but it is also a fun project for more experienced weavers looking to play with the concept of weaving at multiple setts in the same piece. This project can be done with up to two shedding devices, although we will focus on weaving with one. At the end of the weave-along, you will walk away with a beautiful tapestry wall-hanging. 


What's a Weave-Along?
A weave-along is a FREE online course. Claudia Chase and Elena Zuyok of Mirrix Looms will lead participants through a project woven on a loom. Every Sunday during the weave-along, participants will get an email going over what had been worked on the week before and giving instructions and tips for the week ahead. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage with other members of the weave-along via email and social media sites including the Mirrix Facebook Page, Mirrix Facebook Group and Mirrix Ravelry Page. This is a community event!

The Schedule:
September 16th-22nd: Warping
September 23rd - 29th: Beginning to Weave
September 30th- October 13th: Continuing to Weave/Finishing

What You Need:
-A loom. We recommend a Mirrix 12” or larger with a shedding device. A shedding device is not necessary, but it will be helpful. You can also do this with two shedding devices (an extra one can be purchased here) on the same loom, although we will not be going over how to do this in detail. We recommend a 16" Loom or larger (or a 12" with loom extenders) if you want to do this.
-A 12-dent warp coil
-The weave-along kit (This can be purchased here.)
-Glue (we like e6000)
-Sewing needle
-Measuring tape
-Heddles (if using the shedding device) 

Our Weave-Along 27 Starter Package comes with a loom, the weave-along kit and heddles. You will be sent a 10% discount code for this package after you join the weave-along.